Thomas Gabriel Hollar Picture.png

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve. But not Thomas Gabriel - he wears his heart in his vocal chords. Listening to Thomas, one can draw parallels to Steve Earle, Townes van Zandt or Johnny Cash. 


As the eldest grandson of Johnny Cash, the voice comes naturally.  Undoubtedly influenced by his iconic grandfather, Thomas seamlessly blends  Americana, rock and country to create his own personal sound and is paving his own path - he is intense, passionate and real. 


Growing up in the fishbowl of fame, Thomas brings with him, a wealth of stories from his memories of his childhood and of growing up a member of such an iconic family.

It's been a rough road... a road less traveled, but when you meet Thomas Gabriel you'll soon learn that each and every twist and turn has taken him from the lowest of valleys to the highest of mountain tops. His songwriting is always personal and his stories are always amazing. 


“When things are tough, I can pump out songs like no tomorrow. Maybe I am not as self-aware when I am happy, but I am always working on my songwriting. I love performing live. When I sing one of my own songs, I put everything that went into creating it into the performance…for me the best compliment I can get is when someone tells me that my music has helped them through a hard time or touched their heart in some way. When I look in the audience and someone is singing my lyrics back to me, that’s it - it’s the biggest thing by far.”